Avoiding Sensitivity While Bleaching Teeth At Home

Teeth’s bleaching at home seems to be the one of the ultimate practices when it comes to maintaining smile due to ease and convenience. Now, you may think about benefits of less expensive teeth whitening solution and get convince about using it to maintain whiteness of your smile. However, you should also keep it mind that such products can give you an irritation which is called tooth sensitivity. Here, you can follow a few steps to prevent tooth sensitivity effectively while whitening your teeth.

Be careful while brushing

If you want to brush your teeth at the same time for which you have planned teeth’s whitening, you have to make sure that you are brushing your teeth before whitening your teeth. After the removal of strips, your teeth are usually very sensitive. Brushing at that time can cause big irritation in the weak spots on the teeth’s surface. However, you need to pick a brush with soft bristles if you need to brush after teeth whitening.

Read the label

According to American Dental Association, tooth sensitivity is caused by hydrogen peroxide in the product. Occurrence of tooth sensitivity varies in different people. It means some people may be more vulnerable against ingredients which cause tooth sensitivity. One way to avoid sensitivity is to use products which would have lowest concentration of active ingredients. High concentration is required when stains are stubborn. But you need to avoid the use of heavy duty whitening products if you need the whiteness of basic level.

Go for the toothpaste

If you are not comfortable with the use of stripes, you can switch to the use of something gentler. It’s the toothpaste you can go for. Typically, toothpaste does not have concentration of active ingredients. Hence, toothpaste doesn’t result in irritation.

Follow instructions

The biggest mistake which people make while whitening their teeth at home is that they do not follow instructions which come with the teeth’s whitening kit. Although majority of general instructions may be the same, there may be some differences every product of teeth whitening kit could have. Having that said, some bleach products may not cause irritation if left on the teeth for too long while others from different brands might. In this scenario, it is essential to read the instructions before using the bleach.

Avoid acidic foods

You may choose a product with low concentration of active products but even these products can result in sensitivity. So you need to avoid anything and everything which can exploit the sensitivity. Make sure you are not using acidic, too hot and too cold foods.

In order to whiten your teeth at home effectively, take advice from your dentist.


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